Search tips on Art-Atlas.Net

Because of the use of two languages in the Art-Atlas.Net Directory, the results of the searches for the visitors do not correspond to the real contents of the Directory where the artists register their sites in the language of their choice.

I advise you so to use English, then French (or opposite) to make your searches.

For example, to look for all the Swiss sites: to look "Switzerland", then "Swiss" and "Suisse".
To look for all the Russian sites: "russie", "russia", "russ", ".ru".
To look for all the French sites: "france", "fran", "français", "french", ".fr".
To look for the painters: "painter", "peintre", "painting", "peinture". And also "paint", "peint".

You do not miss so any site corresponding to your searches.

Furthermore, to complicate things, somes sites are registred in German, in Dutch, in Italian or in Spanish. One can avoid this problem in a Directory which wants really international.