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Art-Atlas.Net, The International Art Directory - Terms of use
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The Art-Atlas.Net Directory has for subject all the sites concerning the Art, about is language used in the site.
The Directory is bilingual, English and French. Registrations make, at least , in one of these two languages.

Information of the recording of a site
- sites can join only only once for the same name of domain, in a single column,
- title does not have to exceed 50 signs and not contain code HTML,
- description does not have to exceed 225 signs and not contain code HTML, including description in the two languages of the site, either in the only one of the two in the choice,
- the registered sites can be in another language than English and French, - the webmaster should indicate, during the registration, one or several languages used on his site.

- Responsibility of recordings
The validation of the recording of sites is of the only responsibility of the team of Art-Atlas.Net.
The recording of a site can not be to ask that by the webmaster of the site, its owner either a person duly appointed by one of them.
Art-Atlas.Net saves itself the right to modify the information of the recording, notemment to reduce to the prescribed size the length titles and descriptions, as well as to choose a column more adequate than that chooses by the webmaster of the registered site.
- Editorial responsibility
opinions and comments of Art-Atlas.Net are of the only responsibility of the team of Art-Atlas.Net.
Art-Atlas.Net can not have for responsible for comments left by the guests of the site..

Exchange of links
- The registered webmasters have to, for a period of 15 days after the validation of their registration, insert into their site, into the page of reception rather, or into the visible page, and placed in a visible way, a banner or a logo of Art-Atlas.Net available by clicking here, that they owe saved on their disc before to download it on their own site, with the following code HTML: <a href="http://www.art-atlas.net" target="_blank"><img src=".../art-atlasXX.jpg" alt="Art-Atlas.Net, The International Art Directory, L'Annuaire International de l'Art" name="artatlas">
This code allows to open a new window Art-Atlas.Net, without the guest loses the preceding site which remains in his window, behind plan.
-Once installed link, webmaster has to send at
info@art-atlas.net a message to indicate the page where he inserted link on his site,
- banners, logos, texts and code links must not be modified.

- the registered webmasters have also the possibility of installing on their site the code which allows to post show the system of vote of Art-Atlas.Net which allows their guests to vote for the site and so to improve their score and their visibility in the Art-Atlas.Net Directory.Net. To see the page of links the various available choices.

Mailing list
The registered webmasters can join the mailing list of Art-Atlas.Net to receive the news of the site, list which can join every guest.
Messages sent to the mailing list have to be at least in English or / and in French.

New column
A webmaster can ask for the creation of a new column by writing at

Messages to Art-Atlas.Net
All the messages sent to Art-Atlas.Net have to be in English or / and in French.

Search engines and Directories
The search engines and non-specialized Directories can join (in the corresponding column) to include in their data bases a column Art or / and Culture.

Sites of Erotic Art
The sites of erotic art should necessarily be inserted into the column "Erotic Art", that it is about paintings, about photos, about illustrations, about drawings or about sculptures. They should not owe contained any pornographic element, degrading images, staged by violence or by torture, or by a child's some representation.

To fight against the reproduction of the spam, I apply from now on the following measure: any already registered site or asking for its registration in the Directory will be eliminated without opinion if it contains a link towards the site of a company (or of an artist) which practises the spam. The eliminated site will be able to be reinstated to eliminate any link with the company which use spam. Obviously, any registered site using the spam will be also eliminated.
You can also write to me at
info@art-atlas.net to communicate itself the copies of the spams which you receive on behalf of companies working in the field of arts.

Refusals of registration
The demands of registration can be refused for the following reasons (not exhaustive list):
- The site is already referenced,
- the site is inaccessible,
- e-mail address do not answer,
- information supplied during the recording is insufficient,
- information supplied during the recording is not either in English, or in French,
- the site is in construction,
- the site has no report with the Art,
- the site has no report with the title or / and the description given during the recording,
- the site contains too much pop-ups,
- the site contains too many advertising banners,
- the site contains links texts which deceive the guests, sending them towards sponsors,
- the site contains only of the advertisement,
- the site contains only links,
- the site is not consisted of any appropriate contents, using that pages resulting from the other sites,
- contents are not rather important,
- the site does not respect copyright,
- most of links do not work,
- The site contains images or / and pornographic texts,
- the site presents a contents (images or / and texts) not respecting the human person (racism, discrimination, instigation in the hatred, the apology of crimes, fundamentalism, violence, pedophilia, sects,...),
- the site contains links towards sites which present a contents (images or / and texts) not respecting the human person (racism, discrimination, instigation in the hatred, the apology of crimes, fundamentalism, violence, pedophilia, sects, ...),
- the site do not show the logo of Art-Atlas.Net,
- the site is without contents with redirection towards commercial site,
- the multiple registrations of a same site,
- the registration of several identical sites with same contents, even though title and domain name are different,
- registration by the same artist of several "sites" constituted with pages hosted in various art sites,
- the different domains with an identical contents,
- the multiple registrations of the same site, with names, pages, categories or languages different,
- the registration of pages of an artist on a free site, while the artist already has a registered site,
- the registration of pages of an artist hosted in a blacklisted site,
- URL sending towards a toplist, or quite other sort of redirection useless,
- affiliate URLs, this includes, but is not limited to, URLs that would earn you a commission, reward or payment if followed. Also, sites that consist mostly of affiliate store links, with any or little original content,
- the site use spamming,
- the site contains a link towards a site which practises the spam.

Retreat of a site
A site can be the object of definitive one or temporary measure of retreat of the Art-Atlas.Net Directory for the following reasons (not exhaustive list):
- at request of his webmaster,
- if the site introduced, after the recording on the Directory, any aforementioned element into the list of the reasons of refusal of registration,
- the site does not shown or any more the logo of Art-Atlas.Net.
- sending of messages containing insults, different rudenesses or threats in any kind,
- sending of multiple messages,
- any excessive or unfair use of the Directory.

The delay of validation of registrations can be rather long: a month or more. Please wait without making new useless registrations.
It is completely useless to register often. Supplementary registrations are systematically rejected.

The fact of registration your site implies the complete acceptance of these conditions of use.

© Art-Atlas.net, The Internet Art Directory / L'Annuaire Internet de l'Art - info@art-atlas.net


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